Eyes that standout from our Hitchin Beauty Clinic



Eyelash LVL Length-volume-lift and Tint

LVL Length-volume-lift this treatment is instantly addictive. It gives you the natural look you have been looking for. Giving your lashes a natural curl and lengthening them at the same time. Treatment lasts 6-8 weeks and requires no maintenance.


Eye Brows and Eye Brow Tints

Our therapists will consult you on your perfect brow shape, whether you are looking to grow them or define the brows that you have. Using a mixture of techniques such as Waxing, Threading, plucking and tinting we can help you achieve the brows you dream of.


Eyelash Extensions and Infills

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance, lengthen and give your natural lashes fullness. We strive to give all our clients the best look and enhance their natural lashes. We have a range of lengths and sizes to suit all clients needs. Treatment lasts 3-4weeks and recommended infills every 2 weeks to maintain beautiful long lasting lashes.


A skin test is required 24-48 hours before treatment.



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